Writing for children – some useful links


On this page, I will be adding links to helpful articles and websites that deal with top tips for writing for children. If you are an author who has written something great and useful, please feel free to email me about it at: childtasticbooks@yahoo.co.uk and I will add it to this page. Or please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions!

(Please note that any website that has been listed here is not personally endorsed by me – I am just sharing resources that might be useful.)

The Writers & Artists website a comprehensive selection of articles relating to all the different aspects of writing for children – whether you want to write a picture book or you’ve got the next YA bestseller. This has some great pages on writing for different genres, and tips from top practitioners in the area, including Malorie Blackman and John Foster. There is also up-to-date information on writing competitions where you can send your masterpiece!

The Guardian’s masterclass series is ideal if you like to meet others, face to face, when learning about writing. Bestselling author Lucy Coates tutors a special, one-day course dedicated to writing for 7-12 year-olds and covers such topics as:

  • How to build a good children’s book character
  • How to plan a perfect plot
  • How to use backstory without being boring
  • How to write dialogue that makes your story flow

For some great storytelling tips, check out Sita Brahmachari’s recommendations. I particularly like the doodling one, as I am prone to doodling – a lot!

The Greenhouse Literary Agency specializes in publishing children’s books, and has compiled a very useful top ten tips for aspiring writers.

More links will come soon!


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