Storytelling and Creativity

As well as reviewing and writing about books (and writing my own!) I also run storytelling and creative writing sessions for children and adults.


A few years back, I trained with actor, director and storyteller Polly Tisdale at the Oxford Playhouse. I attended two of her courses on the art and practice of storytelling and performed in two events: the first was a much more informal affair in front of family and friends but the second was in a magical tent at the switch-on of Oxford’s Christmas lights. The theme was Arabian Nights and it was tremendous fun engaging children and their parents in my chosen story.

Since then, I have used my storytelling skills mainly in school, with traditional tales from all over the world, including China, Ghana, Russia, Scotland and Hawaii! I love the way storytelling involves the audience – they often lose themselves in the excitement of the moment! Children, in particular, have enormous fun getting involved in the stories’ actions and words.

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Creativity classes

We all have enormous potential for creativity if we can just relax and see where the mood takes us! I have designed activities, mainly for children, to develop their sensory skills and imagination and I have used them in creative writing classes and workshops, including a week-long writing school that I ran last summer with children aged 6-14.

All of these work equally well with adults, though! The approach is the same – you use a stimulus, such as a smell, a taste, a sound or an image, and let your subconscious take over!

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