Educational services

Library advice and consultancy

We’re lucky to be going through a Golden Age in children’s literature at present but, conversely, cuts to school and council budgets mean that libraries are closing frighteningly frequently. Funding is always a problem and it’s difficult for primary and secondary schools to find enough money to have a library of any sorts, never mind a librarian.

In an ideal world, all schools should have a library, and someone knowledgeable enough to help children, staff and other adults. However, if you cannot afford one, a mobile librarian (like me!) can help by:

  • assessing your school’s needs against its funding and brainstorm ways in which you can put it to best use
  • evaluating your current stock and how you can improve and increase it in line with the needs and demands of your staff and pupils
  • advise on areas that could be turned into reading spaces or libraries
  • help with ideas on fundraising to get your library or book collection off the ground
  • work with you on creating reading schemes, events and activities to involve your entire school body with literacy and literary aims.

Training and talks

If you want someone to talk to your school or organisation, staff or colleagues about reading for pleasure, reading for mental health and other book-related topics, I would be happy to help. In May 2019, I gave a talk at Blackwell’s Bookshop, for their Mental Health Week, on How Books Can Help Children’s Mental Health (based on an article I wrote for the Times Educational Supplement). There are so many brilliant books out there that address children’s fears and feelings that you can find something on just about any topic you want! I can also come up with reading lists to use with staff and parents.

For further information, please feel free to contact me on


  1. Hello
    I am a headteacher looking to revamp our library. I came to the school in September and since then I’ve been saddened by the lack of inspiration for reading in our school.
    How can I go about seeking your help both for funding resourcing and creating a new and exciting reading space?
    Kind regards


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