Hi, I’m Sam, and welcome to Childtastic Books!

This blog originally started as a collaboration between me and my daughter, Holly, as a way of reviewing children’s books from a parent’s and child’s perspective. We’d always give an honest opinion and would often disagree with each other – tactfully, of course!

Now that Holly has entered her teenage years, she’s off doing other things but I have kept the blog running because our earlier reading adventures sparked a love of children’s and young adults’ fiction – so much so that I did an MA in it at the University of Roehampton. (I graduated in February 2016 and my degree was conferred upon me by Dame Jacqueline Wilson – how cool, and appropriate – is that?!)

I have also written a YA novel and work part time as a Librarian in an Oxford primary school so my life is still, very much, focused on children’s literature.

I welcome authors and publishers sending books for review – to get in touch please email me at: childtasticbooks@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message on the site and I’ll get back to you. Please note that we will make every effort to review books but this might take a little while, depending on our review pile and, unfortunately, I am not always able to review self-published books (I receive a lot of enquiries and just cannot find the time to look at them all).

As well as all this, I am an experienced editor and writer and have worked with a wide range of clients, from the National Literacy Trust to the Independent. I also write teachers’ resources for Scholastic and work in an editorial capacity with authors on their novels. Basically, I love words!

Please do comment on the posts – it’s great to know my readers!

I hope you enjoy the site.


29 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for visiting my blog – my elder daughter is about to turn 10, so I can really relate to most of the books you’re talking about. Have you read the Mr Gum books…? They’re completely mad, in a good way.


  2. I love that you and your daughter are exploring the world of literature together – it’s an experience I will never forget sharing with my mom and grandma! Not only that, but it’s great to see people out there promoting the world of quality books for kids. Thank you for your posts, I really enjoy them!
    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award – check it out at:


  3. Dear Holly and Sam,

    I am A H Benjamin and I wish to thank you both for the great reviews of my book, The Big Splash!, which is going to be published by Digital Leaf. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I think it’s a fun story brought to life by the fantastic artwork of Jon Lycett-Smith, an artist (and author) who has already made his mark in the publishing world. Many thanks.

    Very best wishes,
    Attia xx


  4. Hi Sam, I found your blog via a site on Children’s Literature MA’s. I note you are following the distance learning path at Roehampton. I’m considering doing the same and would love to know more about it if you can spare some time? or advice… Thank you in advance! Shirley


  5. Hi!
    I like your blog 🙂
    I also started writing my own blog recently.
    Have a look and let me know how did you find it!


  6. Awesome blog and I love the fact that you have continued to maintain this even after your daughter has gotten herself busy with her other stuff. I will be featuring your blog in a round-up post on mine sometime soon.


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