Two great grandpa books

Today we have two picture books about Grandpas!

Today we have two picture books about Grandpas!

Grandad’s Camper, by Harry Woodgate, published by Andersen Press

Every summer, a young girl visits her Grandad at his cottage by the sea. They do all sorts of fun things together – play games, enjoy the garden, and share stories – particularly about Grandad’s life with his partner – Gramps. He speaks of an idyllic time when they explored the world together in their caravan, drinking in the sites, meeting different people, and being part of a happy partnership. Grandad thinks those days are over, until his granddaughter persuades him to do up the caravan and have another adventure.

This is a gentle and beautiful exploration of love and companionship and the sadness at the loss of a loved one. It never becomes morbid but instead celebrates the life of a cherished partner who has died and how this can be alleviated with kindness and empathy. The book is dedicated to Gordon Woodgate and, in a lovely gesture of remembrance, the licence plate on the campervan is ‘NOD ROG’. This is a book about love, written with love, and it emanates love. It was truly uplifting to read.

Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny, by Emily Ann Davison. Illustrated by Deborah Allwright and published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with the National Trust.

Yo-Yo is a bunny who can never keep still. Grandpa thinks hard about how to help her relax and tries to teach her yoga. Her siblings find their ‘zen’ really quickly but Yo-Yo just can’t keep still (I wish I had her energy). In the end, she dashes off after a butterfly and finds herself lost in a dark forest. How will she find her way back? Can Grandpa’s yoga help?

This is a funny and delightful book that will appeal to little squirmers everywhere. Yo-Yo is exhaustingly active but that is part of her charm – the world holds too much interest to sit still. Yet at its heart is a message that yoga can help calm even the busiest of minds, and at the end are instructions for some of the poses shown in the story – ones that I think an old body like mine can achieve. So I think I will try them out later when I get home! The writing is light and rhythmical and the illustrations are full of energy, like the main character herself. A great book to read to fidgety little ones who could do with some down(ward dog) time.

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