Oof Makes an Ouch

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a review as I’ve been back at school being a librarian and a classroom helper! But I have a few minutes to update you on a fab new book, published in August, by author and illustrator (and great friend of St Michael’s Primary School!) Duncan Beedie.

Oof Makes an Ouch: Amazon.co.uk: Beedie, Duncan, Beedie, Duncan: Books

What it’s about:

Oof and Pib come from an ancient tribe. They know hardly any words – in fact they only know how to say their own names – but it doesn’t stop them from being the best of friends and doing everything together . . . Until Oof starts inventing all sorts of NEW words, and Pib feels so jealous that he does something to threaten their friendship forever. Can he find a word to make things right again?


As usual Duncan has injected his quiet charm and humour into this fun book about friendship … and how it inevitably goes a little wrong at times. There is no lecturing to the reader – even though we know Pib has done something naughty and hurtful, we don’t need to be told that directly. Pib soon regrets his actions and, in a final act that boosts his morale, too, he finds the perfect word to make amends.

The illustrations are full of life and colour, inviting the reader into the story’s action. There is comedy, too, in the actions and expressions of the tribe as they wonder in amazement at Oof’s new words. The joy of the words, too, from a teaching perspective is that they are fantastic examples of onomatopoeia – monosyllabic, great to read aloud, and inviting actions and interpretations.

Oof Makes an Ouch: Amazon.co.uk: Beedie, Duncan, Beedie, Duncan: Books

I shared this with the children at St Michael’s and they loved trying to think of different examples of words they had made up. They also gave Duncan the seal of approval – with statements like ‘I LOVED it!’, ‘It was so funny!’. We have a special relationship with Duncan (he usually comes to visit us every year to share his newest title) and we are sad not to see him this time round. However, we wish Duncan the best of luck when this is published on 6 August!

Oof Makes an Ouch, by Duncan Beedie, is published on 6 August by Templar.


  1. This looks so cute! What a fantastic concept! It’s something I had to learn about writing kids books, let the pictures speak for themselves.


  2. Thank you for writing about this book, we have found the information really helpful and interesting. Your review has really inspired us to read this book and we cannot wait to learn more about the characters that are involved. We really enjoy inventing NEW words. Have you invented any NEW words recently?

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  3. I am a Year 5 student in Ecuador and we are learning about blogs and I like when oof makes a new word and that they are very best friends


    • Hi George – great! I am sure that you will all enjoy it. Duncan Beedie spent a year in the USA as a student and the idea for his second book – The Lumberjack’s Beard – came to him while he was out there! Hi to everyone at your school!


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