Song of the River

Today I have a book review of Song of the River by Joy Cowley and Kimberley Andrews, published by Gecko Press, together with some suggested activities.

Song of the River

Song of the River follows a little boy called Cam as he follows a trickle of water near his home in the mountains on its journey to the sea. As he travels, the water widens and Cam discovers new things along the way – creatures that make the water their home and people who rely on it in their daily lives.

This isn’t a rhyming book but there is plenty of rhythm and rhyme in the story! The words flow as melodically as a river and the pictures are stunning – the contrast between the lights and darks of the palette are soothing and give detail to Cam’s surroundings. This is a beautiful book about how the smallest trickle of water grows and grows on its journey to its final destination.


– How many words can you find that talk about different types of river? For example, a stream is very small – is there anything smaller?

– What is the name of the river where you live? I am in Oxford, so I could choose the Thames or the Cherwell. Find out as much as you can about your river. Where does it start? Where does it finish? What lives in it? Is there anything particularly special about it?

– Research world rivers. Which is the longest/shortest/deepest/shallowest etc? You could make a little chart comparing all the different rivers you discover!

– You could link the above activity to even more geography by looking up the main/biggest rivers in different countries in the world.

Have fun!


  1. Hello my name is my Martina I’m from Ecuador and in my class we are learning of blogs your blog is a good example of what I’m learning and also I lived the book .


  2. I am a year 5 student in Ecuador and we are learning about blogs i was reading of what is this book and it looks so nice i would like to read it .Why did you wanted to create this story and the blog ?


    • Hola Amaia, and thank you for your message. I chose this story to read because I loved the illustrations and the story it told. I started writing this blog a very long time ago when my daughter was young (she’s nearly 18 now!) and we used to review books together. Now she is too busy studying sciences!


  3. I am a Year 5 student in Ecuador and we are learning about blogs, and id like to read this book it sounds INTERRRESTING!!!I love all books, specially this tope o books. Very good book


  4. i am a student from year 5 so maybe you could give some larger books but anyway this is a beautiful story and its lovely to hear about a story like this


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