Let's hear it for the teachers!

Let’s hear it for teachers!

It’s been a bit of a crazy time lately, with all the uncertainty about schools shutting or staying open but, in the middle of all of this, some fabulous teachers and support staff have been trying to retain a degree of normalcy – keeping school open for as long as possible and making sure you’re well looked after when you go to school.

So perhaps David Walliams should write about the World’s Best Teachers? What do you think? If you think he should, why not give him a helping hand to start?

Think about great teachers in books you’ve read. For example, Miss Honey, in Roald Dahl’s Matilda, is kind, encouraging and loving towards Matilda – the opposite of Miss Trunchbull!


Create a World’s Best Teacher! What is their name? What do they teach? What’s so great about them that you’d like to share? Give them a name and draw or paint a picture of them.

Why are teachers more often baddies?

When I tried to research good teachers in children’s books, it was really hard to find more other than Miss Honey. Probably there are some in picture books – kind souls who are there to support the main characters. But mainly they are bad because this makes them more interesting, doesn’t it? Miss Honey is lovely but Miss Trunchbull is what makes children laugh and gasp in excited horror. She’s an enemy of the children and this unites a child audience. Normally in children’s books, the children get the better of the adults and this is an exciting prospect. How often do children get this opportunity otherwise?

There is a hilarious book by Peter Brown called My Teacher is a Monster! in which little Bobby, who loves flying paper airplanes in class, is convinced that he has the worst teacher in the world. In the book, she looks like one, too, but as the story progresses she becomes more ‘normal’. Why do you think that this is the case?

Image result for peter brown my teacher is a monster

Watch: Peter Brown writes about his inspiration for this book in this interesting post on his website. You can also see the characters from the book there. http://www.peterbrownstudio.com/my-teacher-is-a-monster-no-i-am-not/

You can watch and listen to the book being read aloud here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu8lMajbigQ

Back to David Walliams …

Earlier in the school year, I read aloud from David Walliams’ collection The World’s Worst Teachers and the children loved to hear just how silly, stupid and dreadful the teachers were. One that struck a chord with me and them was Miss Spick, who had a Trike of Terror. Miss Spick was the evilest librarian in the world, who fined children for all sorts of things – and gave me ideas! I could retire on what she earned!

Image result for miss spick


  • You can watch and listen to David Walliams recording his stories here: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/book/worlds-worst-teachers/
  • There are also downloadable activities based on the book, which you could have fun with.
  • Here’s your chance to have some REAL fun. Create your own World’s Worst Teacher. Give them a funny name, a weird habit, and lots of horrible faults. Draw a picture of them! Let me see just how awful they are.


  • Research the teachers who inspired your favourite famous people. What did the teachers do or say that was so special?
  • Write about your favourite teacher – a real one. Why do you like them? What do they do that makes them so special?

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