Something fine behind door No. 9!

Open Door 9!

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Tyrannosaurus Rex: A Pop-up Guide to Anatomy, written by Dougal Dixon and illustrated by Rachel Caldwell, published by Templar Books.

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Children never seem to get enough of dinosaur books and this new title from Templar will delight and fascinate in equal measure. Taken from the unusual perspective of a person being invited to a T-Rex dissection, the book contains in-depth information about the time in which the T-Rex was living alongside very specific details about this dinosaur’s body – rather like an autopsy.

To bring these facts further to life, the book includes flaps and 3D paper engineering which is amazing in its complexity. For example, on one spread is the T-Rex’s head, and the jaws open up to reveal its teeth and tongue, with further information on these. On another, there is a pop-up, lift-open abdomen with several layers (skin, ribcage and organs). This helps to give life to a creature we only know through fossils and skeletons and the illustrations are in the style of Victorian drawings – full of detail and intricacy.

The book enables us to understand how the dinosaur and its contemporaries lived – what the Earth was like then – and what happened when most became extinct. I found it fascinating to read about the fossilisation process, too, which I was unaware of before.

This must be on any child’s – or adult’s – Christmas list if they love dinosaurs. It is unique and is a great addition to more traditionally based dinosaur books. Often, pop-up books are considered to inhabit the domain of young children but dinosaur fans of any age will adore this book.

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