A summer holiday review

I had a lovely surprise when I returned from a week in Spain last week.

One of our recent Year 6 leavers had emailed me to talk about, and recommend, a book she’d just read and enjoyed.

Sabeen is a voracious reader and a very insightful and talented reviewer, so I knew I was in for a treat … and I wasn’t wrong. She wanted to share her thoughts about Ali Standish’s book The Secret Summer and has kindly agreed to let me share them with you. So – over to Sabeen!

Image result for the secret summer ali standish

This morning I just finished reading a book, The Secret Summer, by Ali Standish. I think it’s an amazing book, comes under my top 5! 

It’s about a girl called Miranda and she gets sent to August Isle, because her mum and dad are very busy. She stays with Aunt Clare and her daughter, Sammy. She also meets Caleb, a boy who lives in the same area.

She meets a man called Mr Taylor, and he is a collector of stories, from his travels around the world. 

Miranda is certain that people have been lying to her about her past and family, so she is very curious and starts investigating. She overcomes her fears and is intending to be ” brave , bold Miranda “. 

The truth is discovered at the end, but I’m not going to tell you, as I want it to be a surprise! This is all I can say: It makes your jaw drop. And in some cases, I image it would make you cry ( I didn’t , but I imagine some people would ).

If you are going to put this book in the library, I recommend that you put it under the Year 5-6 section.

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