Over the Moon!!!

Today was the deadline for our annual library summer competition and the theme for this year was the Lunar Landings. The challenge to children was to make, draw, paint or write something about this momentous event. We launched (sorry) the competition two weeks ago and today I arrived in a library that was full of entries.

Beautiful paintings

There were paper rockets and moons; papier mache rockets and moons; Lego astronauts, moons, rockets, lunar modules; poems; paintings; fact files and comics. One astonishingly creative entry showed the moon’s phases formed out of the cream filling of an Oreo, while another entry came in a Top Secret NASA folder, which I have had permission to read.

Oreo Lunar Phases! Yum… Alongside a Lego astronaut and USA flag and huge rocket!

All in all, we had over 60 entries for this competition which delighted me. And then I realised that I have to choose some winners from all of these and my heart sank because they all are worthy of prizes. All children will receive a certificate for taking part but ideally I would love to give them all a prize. Luckily I will have some help in the judging next week when Duncan Beedie visits to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission. Till then, I shall wait and wonder!

Enjoy these further photos of the entries on display in the library!

Rockets and spaceships blast off!
Shhh! Top Secret NASA info on the moon!
Two drawings, a poem, a moon model and a poster of the moon’s phases being created.
Moon with alien and moon with shells.
A Lego Rocket and Lunar Module, drawings of the Moon Phases, and a poster of space rockets.
Lego Astronaut going on a moon walk!
A colourful universe and a full moon against a tree.
Four rockets (one is a piñata). The one in red makes a blast-off noise.
Facts, not fiction.


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