Blog tour! Blast Off to the Moon!

Childtastic is on Blog Tour today and we’re delighted to help ‘launch’ a new book that coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings: Blast Off to the Moon! The book, which is published this month by UCLAN Publishing, is based on the original NASA Press Kit, entitled Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission, and is full of fascinating facts and images – some of which have never been seen before.

Image result for blast off to the moon uclan

At school, we’ve already set up a special display to celebrate the landing, complete with a photocopy of the original front page of the Toronto Daily Star that my mother kept from the special day, so to receive a copy of Blast Off to the Moon! was even more relevant. We’ve also recently held a Science Selfie competition, so the children are really keen to discover anything and everything science-related, particularly based on the Moon. This book doesn’t disappoint, either. Inside, readers can find out all about how this momentous achievement happened and how people reacted – in space and on Earth.

The pages are packed full of information about the science side of blasting off into space, including details of the kind of work astronauts must do while on board. However, the book also caters to the more down-to-earth questions that we all want to know the answers to, such as: How do astronauts go to the loo? What kind of food did they eat? What was it like to live in a space suit? An extra-nice added touch is the introduction by Helen Sharman – the first British astronaut and woman to visit the Mir Station – which will help motivate budding female astronomers: it’s lovely to have someone close to home involved in this project.  

I am going to be using this book a lot over the next few weeks with the children in the Library. Often, when I read to classes, I use stories but actually the children really love a well-written non-fiction book that they can take interesting facts from and wow their friends and family with. I reckon by the time we celebrate the First Lunar Landing, we’ll have our own bunch of NASA experts at St Michael’s thanks to the information in this book!

Please note that I was sent a review copy of Blast Off to the Moon! but the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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