Our Longer Review of the Week: When Good Geeks Go Bad

Today I am honoured to have a guest reviewer on Childtastic: Arfah, from Year 6, who wanted to share her opinions on Catherine Wilkins’ new title When Good Geeks Go Bad, published by Nosy Crow. Arfah has written reviews for us before and has produced a beautifully written and designed one, below. I’ve also typed it up.

Image result for when good geeks go bad

What it’s about:

This book is about a thirteen-year-old girl called Ella Hudson and she realises how much she can grow up now that she is 13. And along with growing and getting mature, being good has brought her no good so why not try being bad? But things can get heavy doing the wrong thing and then things can’t stay in control.

Arfah’s review:

I liked it when Ella was hanging out with the Butts and stealing, and when she had a hand on her shoulder she screamed and dropped her bag. Only to find out it was Liam from the Butts group. So hilarious!

This book is the best top book that I have ever read. Really funny and hilarious. Amazing! Great for early teens!

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