Happy Year of the Pig!

Happy Chinese New Year, to all our Chinese followers and readers and families! Today, I am delighted to bring you a list of children’s books that feature this year’s star animal: The Pig!

Pigs feature quite heavily in children’s books. They vary from smart, kind animals to greedy or rude but they’re always popular! Therefore, in honour of the Year of the Pig, I’ve selected a few books that you might want to check out for their porcine characters. Oink! Oink!

Piggy Books!

Image result for charlotte's web

Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White

This is the story of a little girl named Fern who loved a little pig named Wilbur and of Wilbur’s dear friend, Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful large grey spider. With the unlikely help of Templeton the rat, and a wonderfully clever plan of her own, Charlotte saves the life of Wilbur, who by this time has grown up to be quite a pig.

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The Sheep Pig, by Dick King-Smith

When Babe, the little orphaned piglet, is won at a fair by Farmer Hogget, he is adopted by Fly, the kind-hearted sheep-dog. Babe is determined to learn everything he can from Fly. He knows he can’t be a sheep-dog. But maybe, just maybe, he might be a sheep-pig.

Image result for The Three little pigs
The Three Little Pigs – a classic tale!
This has been told countless times in countless editions! Basically it’s a story about three pigs who vary in intelligence and house-building skills and an evil wolf who fancies some roast pork for his dinner. Can the pigs outwit their persecutor or will there be crackling on the table?
Image result for the tale of pigling bland
The Tale of Pigling Bland, by Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Pigling Bland was published in the year that Beatrix Potter was married and settled down to farming life. She had already been keeping pigs and she sketched them for this story, using her own farmyard as the setting. One little black pig was a household pet and features as the “perfectly lovely” Pig-wig who runs away with Pigling Bland.
You’re a Rude Pig, Bertie, by Claudia Boldt
Bertie is a terribly rude and outspoken pig. He offends everyone he meets and soon he doesn’t have any friends left. But a beautiful bunny and a disastrous party all lead Bertie to a startling realization, and a change of heart. A favourite in the Library!
The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig, by Elmer Stamp
Everyone loves Pig and Pig loves Farmer because he gives him delicious food and back scratches. He also calls him Sausage and seems to love him more, the fatter he gets. (Uh oh…) Pig doesn’t speak Farmer’s language but Duck does, and he’s desperate for Pig to know the truth. determined his best friend should know the truth. Part of a hilarious series.
Image result for beyond the fence
Beyond the Fence, by Maria Gulemetova
Piggy lives in a large house with a boy called Thomas, who seems to think he knows what Piggy needs. But when Piggy meets a wild pig, his view of the world, and Thomas, change, as he discovers what lies outside of his repressive house.
I adore this book.

These are just a few suggestions. Do you know of any pig books that you’d like to share?

You can also read Book Trust’s list of books about pigs!


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