Pamela Butchart visits Childtastic as part of the LOLLIES Blog Tour!

Welcome to Day 6 of the Lollies Blog Tour!

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I am very pleased to host the post for Pamela Butchart’s book There’s a Werewolf in My Tent!, shortlisted in the 6-8 Year category. This hilarious story is the latest in a popular, award-winning series set in a primary school and featuring Izzy (the narrator) and her friends. With fun illustrations by Thomas Flintham, which complement the zany and laugh-out-loud humour of the text, this is sure to be a favourite with newly confident readers, looking for a smidgeon of thrills alongside the laughs.

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But enough from me. Childtastic is delighted to welcome Pamela to the blog to talk about why funny books are important in children’s literature and to give some personal recommendations of reads that make her chuckle. So, please give a warm welcome to Pamela! (Cue wild applause, please!)


I’m always keen to recommend books from a wide range of authors and genres. However, I particularly enjoy recommending funny books for reluctant readers and helping them to find something they engage with (and that makes them LOL!).

Funny books have the power to grab and hold the attention of reluctant or less confident readers and get them hooked on reading. I think this power lies in their accessibility and inevitable feel-good factor – we all love to laugh!

The best funny books aren’t just about the jokes. The best ones are those with plenty of heart and a great story that explores relevant themes for children such as friendship, family and feeling out of place.

Funny books make an important and valuable contribution to children’s fiction. The Roald Dahl Funny Prize did a brilliant job at celebrating and spreading the word about fantastic, high-quality funny fiction which might not otherwise have made it onto children’s fiction prize lists. I’m so pleased that Scholastic have followed on inventing the LOLLIES (the Laugh Out Loud Awards).

I think it’s important to celebrate and champion funny fiction at ALL stages. And here are my TOP recommendations for 7- to 16-year-olds:

7 – 10

The Great Hamster Massacre, written by Katie Davies and illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Penny Dreadful, written by Joanne Nadin and illustrated by Jess Mikhail

Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head, written by Kjarton Poskit and illustrated by David Tazzyman

8 – 12

Donut Diaries, written by Anthony McGowan and illustrated by David Tazzyman

My Best Friend and Other Enemies, written by Catie Wilkins and illustrated by Sarah Horne

The Pasta Detectives, written by Andreas Steinhafel and illustrated by Steve Wells


Socks Are Not Enough, by Mark Lowery

Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging, by Louise Rennison

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾, by Sue Townsend


Thank you for visiting us today, Pamela!

Why not check out the other hilarious shortlisted LOLLIES books for a guaranteed LOL?

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