Two more autumn poems

Carrying on from last week’s Poetry Day, I am thrilled to see that the children in school are still in the mood for writing verse! I hope you enjoy these two poems about Autumn!

Harvest Time, by Elisabeth (Y3)

In the harvest month the air smells like fresh food
Farmers in the fields with their tools in the perfect mood
The fresh crispness of the winter prison
The crops’ woollies are on
It brings fresh golden barley and wheat
Giving thanks for what we eat
Going away from the warm summer
And into the frozen winter
Say goodbye to those warm days
Say hello to these cold Sundays
Great leafy day
Going into Saturday
I had such fun
But that’s the end and now I’m done.

Image result for harvest

Autumn, by Charlotte (Y2)

Air around you things are changing

Under the trees plants are ageing

Trees and branches are going bare

Usefully all the animals are snug in their hair

Many of the changes won’t last forever

Nothing is worse than the weather.


Image result for squirrel autumn


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