National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and, to prepare in the Library at lunchtimes, the children have been writing their own autumn poems on top of conkers (not real ones!) and colouring them in. We’ve had some lovely ones so far based on the recently published anthology of poetry: I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree, compiled by Fiona Waters and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon. I’ve included a photo of the conkers below, and scribed the poems below for ease of reading. Enjoy, and Happy National Poetry Day! (PS what are your favourites?)


I Love Autumn, by Sara Khan

I Love Autumn

It’s so fun. When

The leaves fall new

Ones grow they could

Be red, orange and

Yellow and all sorts of



A Little Seed, by Jessica

A little seed

Can become magic

You see!


Poem, Poem, by Lara K

Poem, poem

Autumn, autumn

Duck! Duck!

Conkers on the ground.


I See a Tree, by Margot

I see a tree

With conkers on.

The wind is blowing

The conkers are flying

What a lovely day.


Conkers Blowing in the Breeze (anon)

Conkers blowing in the Breeze

Falling on my head, swish

Swish say the trees, trees waving.


Cold in the Air (anon)

Cold in the air,

People wrapped

Up warm.

Leaves are falling

From the trees

Autumn is



Conkers (anon)


Grow and



Grow, grow, grow!


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