Hello Nature!

Tonight’s review is of theHello Nature Activity Cards by Nina Chakrabarti, published by Laurence King Publishing Ltd.
Image result for hello nature activity cards nina chakrabarti

With spring showing signs of improving (we’ve almost already had summer, haven’t we?) what better time to put these gorgeous activity cards to use? Illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti, each card has two suggestions of activities that are perfect for getting to know the natural world. Some are more suited to certain settings than others – for example, the cards designated ‘by the sea’ have some fab suggestions on how to make sailing vessels out of leaves, twigs, seashells and driftwood. You could adapt it to a pond or river setting by using bark and leaves but if you are fortunate to live near the sea, or to visit it (in Oxford I live as far away as is possible in the UK from the sea!) then you’ve got another great idea about what to do with shells apart from collecting them. I also loved the idea of creating nutsells boats, to rival the traditional Pooh Sticks idea.

The illustrations by Nina Chakrabarti are beautiful – one expects nothing else from this amazing artist! The cards are sturdy enough to withstand taking outside multiple times and I think can survive a certain amount of wetness and dirt.
nature cards
I haven’t had the opportunity yet to trial these out with the children at school but I have an idea in mind with the Patterns in Nature card. This involves going on a hunt around our school grounds (or a local park or even your own back garden) and collecting natural objects that have interesting patters. Examples include leaves, rocks, flowers and even insects (maybe just observe rather than collect!). You can then either take photos of the objects to put in a scrap book or do drawings or paintings. Similarly taking nature rubbings would be fun – using sheets of paper and crayons to create impressions of things like bark or leaves.

There’s so many things to do with these cards that children won’t get bored and they provide a fun and interesting way to involve children in nature. With the natural world facing increasing threats from humans and our activities, these can help the younger generation to become curious about the world around them and, hopefully, keen to find ways to protect the environment.

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