The Pirates of Scurvy Sands, by Jonny Duddle

Today’s review is of The Pirates of Scurvy Sands by Jonny Duddle, published by Templar Books. (Starring the Jolley-Rogers!)

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The Jolley-Rogers are back in a picture-book adventure, and this time Matilda causes suspicion when she gos on holiday with the Jolley-Rogers family. The pirates of Scurvy Sands can’t quite believe that she is one of them – her teeth are too shiny, she’s too clean and she dresses too neatly. What can she do to convince them that she belongs there? Dig for treasure of course and fire a cannon. And perhaps she can help them work out what exactly is going on with Mad Jack’s gold.

The children in the library loved the book – especially those who were aware of the longer books about these hilarious characters. I attempted to read the story wearing the eye patch that the publishers kindly sent me, but being shortsighted meant I couldn’t see the words. Instead, I wore the patch UNDER my glasses, which kind of spoiled the pirate image, but never mind. I did, however, put on my  best pirate accent and got the children involved too, with lots of ‘Arrrrs!’

This is a fun book that will have children poring over the pages for ages: there’s so much to look at! The illustrations are colourful and engaging and have just the right balance between the less-than-aesthetically pleasing pirates and the beautiful weather (how I wish I were at Scurvy Sands right now!).

A book that, I am sure, will be heavily borrowed as soon as it hits the shelves!

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes.





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