My miniature library

Carrying on from my previous post about activities to do when you’re off sick, I had another package from Laurence King Publishing that I’d been meaning to unwrap for ages but not had the time. I’d squealed in delight when it came in the post and I’ve been saving it for a rainy – or a sick – day so today was the perfect opportunity.

Image result for miniature library kit laurence king

My Miniature Library, by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, is just that – a miniature library of 30 tiny books that you have to make yourself. The kit comes in a lilac box, which is rather book-like itself. Open it up, and you have all the ingredients to make a collection of classic fairy tales and stories, as well as some beautiful non-fiction books. It also includes a helpful instruction booklet, which is at least four times bigger than the mini books.

instruction book

The books come in two strips, which you cut out and then fold, accordion-style:

Holly and I decided to split the labour here: she cut the strips while I folded the paper. Unfortunately, I have ten thumbs instead of two so the end result wasn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing likeness but it wasn’t too bad. Being a bit of an idiot, I also used orange-coloured Pritt Stick (in my defence, it was all we had in the house). It made no difference to the paper (apart from one book on which a bit strayed onto the pages and stained them orange, but it was a title about butterflies and moths so I can pretend it’s dust from their wings) but I did get some on the tablemat underneath. 

Once the books are folded, they can then be glued onto the covers, which turns them into semi-hardbacks. I couldn’t quite glue the edges into the spine – my dexterity doesn’t stretch that far – but they look passable:


Finally, Holly put the bookcase together (pieces of cardboard that slot into gaps in the ‘library’ walls) and we put the books onto the shelves. Ta-da!


There are also blank pages so you can create your own mini-books on subjects like ‘My Mini Mystery’, which will be great fun (I will attempt to do this another time).

The joy, apart from how gorgeous this all looks, is that you can actually read the little books and enjoy the beautiful artwork by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

In all, Holly and I spent around an hour to an hour and a half doing this and enjoyed ourselves, chatting, laughing and reading the books. It’s fun for younger ones and teens too – a great activity to do while sharing news or recovering from viruses! And the end result will probably live in my school library on permanent display.

One of my blogger colleagues Zoe Toft has written a fab post about this activity, which you can read here: Zoe is much more adept at artwork than I am and I am in awe of her folding skills, particularly as she managed to turn a couple of her creations into earrings! Well done, Zoe!

My Miniature Library is published by Laurence King.






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