I need a hero!

All the fun and excitement of last week’s Literary Festival at St Michael’s has taken its toll. Mere hours after our last day, a scratchy throat took hold and, despite a brief respite of a day where I felt somewhat near normal, I started to ache and cough and generally feel rubbish. Unfortunately this has meant that I’ve been away from school for two days, nursing my daughter as well as myself as she’s very poorly too, after taking part in a wonderful production of Don Giovanni.

Today, we were both looking sorry for ourselves, so I dug out a rather nice product that I’d been meaning to review for a little while now: Superhero Snap! by Jason Ford, produced / published by Laurence King.

Image result for superhero snap

The idea is very simple – like the traditional game, you yell ‘Snap!’ when you and your opponent place the same card down at the same time. In this version, it’s when you see identical superheroes or supervillains. In our case, we croaked ‘Snap’ in a very pathetic way. Holly was much better at this than I was – I gained 4 cards, she the rest. There’s nothing wrong with her reflexes, at least.

I’m going to take this into school so the children can have fun playing with it. The cards are all bright, appealing and feature both genders and various ethnicities (including alien!). As well as playing Snap with these, you could do all sorts of creative things, such as writing up a character profile, designing a comic, writing a story …

Hopefully by tomorrow Holly and I will be as bright as these fun cards!

Thank you to Laurence King Publishing, who sent me the stack of cards for review.





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