Gargoyles and grotesques with the wonderful Angela Kecojevic

St Michael’s Literary Festival celebrated its second day today with a visit from Oxford author Angela Kecojevic, a wonderful lady who is full of amazing ideas, creativity and enthusiasm!



Angela talking to Years 5 and 6, and to Reception children

Repped by Lisa Babalis at Curtis Brown, Angela delighted the pupils in Reception all the way to Year 6 with her tips about how to be a writer, her literary inspirations (great to see Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl in there!) and some background about her own writing career. Angela wrote Hobbledown, the book that accompanies the theme park of the same name, and is currently writing a sci-fi novel for young adults. Today’s focus was on another of her stories: Elliot Wonderful, Keeper of Gargoyles, which is based in Oxford and concerns a battle between Elliot and his more friendly gargoyles and his enemy, Rufus, who controls the Grotesques, who are every bit as nasty as their name suggests.

The children all had an opportunity to create their own gargoyle or grotesque and to write about them.

gargoyle work

We were thrilled with the result and I am planning a display to show off the incredible work each of the children did. Here are some examples.


Elizabeth, in Year 2, did an acrostic poem based on gargoyles, which we thought was amazing.


Ava, in Year 5, wrote a very impressive story that created tension and excitement.


Lily, in Year 5, captured the differences between a gargoyle and grotesque very well in her pictures and texts.

Everyone at school said what a fantastic book Elliot Wonderful would be and we can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much to Angela Kecojevic for spending the day with us and braving the snow on her bike!


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