After Diary of a Wimpy Kid – what next?

As followers of this blog will know, I recently rejigged St Michael’s School Library to remove all the ‘popular’ books for the whole of this term. The idea behind this move was to encourage the children to broaden their reading choices and see if they could be inspired and interested by other authors and illustrators.

Coincidentally, I saw a Tweet recently by Book Trust about what to recommend to children who love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I have suggested to our Year 6s that they might like to consider Richmal Compton’s excellent Just William series since, for me, William was the prototype for such characters as Greg Heffley, Tom Gates, etc. Though perhaps William is a little more savvy in his mischief – things don’t always go wrong for him. But his antics are undeniably hilarious. I hope they take a chance on him – it would be well worth their while.

Many other people sent in suggestions and Book Trust has produced this very helpful post about it all, which you can read here: (I was delighted to see that my suggestion was amongst the examples!) We do have many of the alternatives in the Library at school but, because they are also popular, they have, um, also gone ‘on holiday.

So far, the reading challenge is going fairly well. The children are borrowing new and different books although I have, as expected, encountered a measure of grumpiness about the absence of certain titles. We’re a full week into the experiment and the children are still getting books out, so we’ll see how it goes!

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