Today’s Advent Treat: The Snow Angel

It’s Day 19 and today’s Advent treat is Lauren St John’s The Snow Angel, published by Head of Zeus.

Image result for the snow angel

From the sunnier climbs of Kenya to the cool ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands, Lauren St John’s latest tale is full of suspense, beauty and magic.

Twelve-year-old Makena has grown up in the shadows of both Mount Kenya and her mountain-guide father. All she wants to do is follow in his footsteps but, when tragedy strikes and her happiness and security is taken away, she is plunged into a world of danger and darkness amongst Nairobi’s poverty-stricken slums. It is here where she meets another lost child – ballet-dancer Snow – and spies a white fox, who appears to be protecting her. But who can she trust? And will a new opportunity, taking her far away to Scotland, provide her with the safety and peace she so craves?

Lauren St John’s prose is always a delight to read and The Snow Angel is no exception. While some of the subject matter could be hard going, she handles difficult subjects such as poverty and ebola with care, ensuring that there is always hope for Makena and therefore preventing the story from becoming too dark. Catherine Hyde’s beautiful illustrations also add a touch of magic to this tale, helping to transform it into a modern-day fairytale that deserves to become a modern-day classic.


Please note that I received a review copy of this book.



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