DIY Nativity

It’s Day 6 of Childtastic’s booktastic Advent Calendar!

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Today I can tell you all the fun I had making a classic nativity scene using Joey Chou’s Make & Play Nativity, published by Nosy Crow.

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Previously on Childtastic I have revealed my struggles with anything arts and crafts related. I’m all thumbs normally but this kit was wonderfully easy to use (apart from the crib – I didn’t follow the instructions for that well and I think it took me as long to put that together as it did all the other 19 pieces combined). Instead of a box, this kit comes as a book hard-cover book, rather like a board book with spiral binding. The first 16 pages have press-out figures that make up a classic nativity scene – Mary, Joseph, Jesus, manger animals, The Wise Men, Shepherds and an angel. There are also some animals (sheep, a camel, and a donkey) and a couple of palm trees. The ensuing pages have a mixture of fun ideas for Christmas activities: several Christmas songs to sing, a short retelling of the Nativity story, and instructions on how to make a Christmas star, an advent calendar and an angel.

I sat contentedly at my work desk putting all the characters and this is the result:


(The angel is hiding behind the tree!)

This would be a fantastic set to give a child for Christmas (or more sensibly in the run-up to Christmas) and looks gorgeous on display. I will be keeping these figures for future years – they encapsulate the story so well, they’re child friendly and they had all the children who came to the library today cooing over how pretty they were. Top marks for a top product!

Please note I received a copy of Make & Play Nativity for review from Nosy Crow.



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