Let it snow (apparently it might)

Yesterday, the advent door for 4 got stuck so, er, we’ll resume service today with a Christmas book for Door 5!

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Snow, by Sam Usher, published by Templar Books

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Snow is such a rare thing for most parts of the UK that we tend to go a little mad in the run-up to Christmas, with television adverts and books full of the white stuff. Everyone hopes and wishes that we will wake up to a deep covering one day – especially Christmas Day – but we’re more likely to see rain, which just isn’t as picturesque, is it?

So the children were very happy today when I read them the mini picture book version of Sam Usher’s Snow, especially when they saw the glittery, sandpapery-texture of the cover. Like the boy in the book, their eyes widened at the thought of a huge blanket of pure, pillowy snow and the joy of being the first to go out and play in it. The problem, though, is that Grandad, whose presence outside is not just requested but expected, is taking rather a long time to get ready, having a shower and undertaking all his usual morning ablutions. The boy becomes increasingly agitated as he sees his his best friend, and then all his friends, dash out in the snow. Will Grandad ever be ready before all the snow goes?

This is a lovely book about the joys of snow and the fun that can be had between the generations. It’s great to see a grandparent joining in and having fun too (Grandad does rather well in a snowball fight), rather than being portrayed as more passive, slow characters. A great book for a grandchild or a grandparent!

(Please note that I received a copy of Snow from Templar for review purposes.)

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