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Artistic licence? Ask Crocodali!

Today’s book review is of Crocodali, by Lucy Volpin, published by Templar.

Little children love art and picture books and the gift that Crocodali,  by Lucy Volpin, offers is a mixture of the two!

Can you guess what or who Crocodali is? I expect so… a mixture of a Crocodile with aspirations to be Dali. In this book, he starts off by being far too busy to talk to the reader or indeed even sign an autograph… until he finds it rather difficult to sort out his canvas. At this point, he enlists the reader’s help – can you just move it a bit to the right… and the left… .

Soon the child is having a great time shaking, turning and waiting in excitement to see what has been created in Crocodali’s studio. Often the presence of a blank canvas might be too much temptation not to get the crayons or pens out (I know I was dying to colour something in at the beginning and end) so you may find your copy drawn on sooner rather than later. But it’s a fun and engaging way to get children interested both in reading and art and the action required to read the book is particularly suitable for fidgety children who find sitting still just a little too dull.

I shall be reading this at school with the children when we go back, and I think I will use it alongside other related books – perhaps some of Salvador Dali’s wacky creations or James Mayhew’s gorgeous Katie picture books, which look at art in wonderfully original and interesting ways.

 Please note that I received a review copy of Crocodali by Templar.