Dream a little dream…

Today’s review is of Dreamweaver, by Claire Freedman and Carrie May, published by Templar.


I shouldn’t have sat down to read Claire Freedman’s newest picture book on a damp, dark August day. I was already sleepy, craving the warmth of my duvet (I repeat, IN AUGUST!), and by the end, and with the help of Carrie May’s beautiful drawings, I was ready for bed.

Claire Freedman is better known for her Alien Love Underpants series, but this title marks a new direction for the bestselling author. Instead of zany humour, this picture book looks at the dreamy Dreamweaver, who travels the earth and the skies, searching for wonderful dreams to add to her sack and give to little ones who are struggling to get settled. She’s a fairy-like version of the Big Friendly Giant, without the threat of any nasties!


The book is written in verse which is lullaby-like in nature, and Freedman’s heavy use of the ‘s’ sound in her words helps to create a sleepy, relaxing feel. Carrie May’s illustrations are as comforting as the words, creating gentle worlds of magic. Children will love the different settings the Dreamweaver visits to gather her dreams and the colours that bring them to life.

A lovely, comforting bedtime read that will be popular with little ones who are partial to a gentle lullaby at bedtime.

Please note that while I was sent a copy for review, the views expressed here are entirely my own.


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