A little self-promotion

Normally I use this blog to review and publicise work that other authors, editors, illustrators and publishers do, but tonight I wanted to share something that I’ve just set up.

As many of you know, I am a freelance writer, editor and general wordsmith and I’ve worked on a huge range of projects and for a diverse variety of clients. (A little-known fact: my first real freelance gig was writing an article on tattoos for the sadly now defunct women’s magazine New Woman:)


After the birth of my daughter, I became a Community Manager for a parenting website called Babyworld and specialised in articles on parenting (surprise, surprise!). As my daughter grew older, this blog came into being, alongside my other writing and editing projects for clients such as Oxfam and the National Literacy Trust. And I was lucky enough to have some time to pursue a second degree in Literature, then an MA in Children’s Literature, which helped me to get my current part-time job as a primary school librarian and as a writer for Scholastic.

Now I want to build on all this and develop working relationships with others in publishing – in children’s literature and beyond – so I have created my own website: https://samantha-pope.com/. I hope you visit it and like it! And I hope that I can report back in time with good news.

Thank you for letting me indulge in a little bit of self-promotion :-).




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