T’was the night before Cakespeare…

Tomorrow sees the closing date of our annual school challenge based on books. The idea is for the children to get creative about an element of reading and this year we’re doing…

drum roll please…


You may be able to guess from this stunning play on words (!) that we have challenged the children to bake or decorate a shop-bought cake based on the Bard. For those children unable to bake or buy, they can draw a cake instead, but they must base it on an aspect of Shakespeare, his plays (or poems), his characters, etc. We have Liz Payton from the Phoenix comic coming in to judge the cakes and, after school, the fun really begins when we slice the cakes and eat them! Each slice will be sold for a small price, with all proceeds going towards Unicef.

More soon on the fabulous entries, but here are a few Holly and I prepared earlier in the spirit of the event.

You can see: Romeo and Juliet Jaffa Cakes, Juliet Jammy Dodgers, Shakespearean Gingerbread Players and Quotable Cupcakes, which Holly did. Each little flag has a part of the opening quotation from Romeo and Juliet!



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