Say hi to Emily!

Tonight, I am very pleased to welcome young Emily Poyser to Childtastic Books. Emily has just started her own blog, which has the lovely aim of inspiring people to be happy and confident in themselves. I can’t think of a nicer thing to want to do.

I’ll hand you over to Emily now – please do check out her blog. It’s fun and it really does make you feel good!


Hello! My name is Emily Poyser, and I have my own blog. I started a blog because I wanted people to be confident in who they are. I am lucky enough to grow up with friends and family that encourage me to just be myself, but others aren’t so lucky. I also love cooking, reading, and art and that reflects in my blog.

I have been given a chance by Sam Pope, to feature as her child blogger. I really enjoy blogging because I can tell you all my opinion. My blog features recipes, drawings, beauty suggestions, and book reviews. I started a book club in my school almost a year ago with the help of my teacher, Miss Prior. We have the chance to get new books, go on trips, and organise book devoted weeks. This was a big thing as all twelve of us make our way to the library every Wednesday- we are DEVOTED! I hope that I can make someone smile with my blog. I want to make someone happier- be confident in their self that is the real reason for my blog. Please visit my blog and subscribe! Thanks for reading! My website is-


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