Sorry for the hiatus

I know. It’s really not good enough. After the blogathon of Advent in December I have been remiss in keeping Childtastic up to date but there have been some good reasons, including starting the blog for St Michael’s School Library, where I am the librarian. Please do check it out as I’ve been putting up posts on that gradually, including book reviews and book-related activities (most recently, making Supertatoes and Evil Peas in honour of Sue Hendra’s fantastic picture book Supertato).

Regardless, I have a fair amount of content to load onto Childtastic soon, such as a review on young adult ghost stories (of which I have been reading A LOT recently because of my MA dissertation), general posts on children’s literature (there has been a lot in the news lately to comment on) and a write-up of a fantastic workshop I attended last week at the Oxford Playhouse on storytelling and ghost stories. It was BRILLIANT! And it gave me ideas on how to story map my own novel, which I am writing for my MA. I’ve just heard that I can now proceed onto the final stage, so it’s six months now of hard work as I pull together my story (more anon). I’ve been doing some fascinating research though lately, taking me around graveyards, so I’ve become a bit of a ghoul in my spare time.

Until my next post, here’s a photo of children’s author Kenneth Grahame’s grave, who of course is most famous for his beloved story The Wind in the Willows. He’s buried here in Oxford, in Holywell Cemetery, which is a lovely place to wander – sort of wild but inspiring. Well, it is if you’re like me and love graveyards! 😉

Have a great weekend!

Kenneth Grahame's grave in Holywell Cemetery, Oxford.
Kenneth Grahame’s grave in Holywell Cemetery, Oxford.

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