Please visit our library!

Back in October 2014 I was ecstatic to be appointed Librarian at St Michael’s CE Primary School in Oxford. Being surrounded by books and being able to pass on my passion for books was such a brilliant opportunity and I have loved every minute of it since.

Last month I set up a blog/website for the Library so I could record what we are doing on a regular basis and include things like reviews by pupils and updates on activities. I have been absolutely amazed at the children’s eagerness to get involved – I have a queue of book reviews to put on the site and have already posted three fantastic samples by children in years 2, 4 and 6. Each week someone comes to me waving a piece of paper that they’ve worked hard on and it’s so rewarding seeing how engaged the pupils are and how much they enjoy their library.

We would love it if you could visit our library! The website is: and we’re adding to it several times a week. If you like the stuff I write about on Childtastic you will enjoy the posts on the library site. As well as reviews, I add updates on what we do in Book Club (most recently making Doughbots for our year 3-4 book: Monster and Chips). I’ve pasted the post below to give you a flavour!

We look forward to welcoming you onto the site! 🙂

Making Doughbots with Years 3 and 4

On Wednesday lunchtimes, years 3 and 4 have been meeting to talk about the book group’s current title: Monster and Chips Night of the Living Bread.

Everyone is enjoying the mad antics of the monsters in their diner, though some of us are squeamish at the sound of the daily specials. They really are revolting!

One of the first big things to happen in the book is when ‘hooman’ Joe makes a Doughbot with the monsters, in an attempt to create a robot to help them. It is rather like a mixture of Mary Shelley’s Monster in Frankenstein and the massive cookie monster in Shrek 2 and unfortunately it turns out to have very evil intentions. We thought it would be fun to create our own Doughbots and this is what happened!

Sophie tries hard not to eat her Doughbot!

Picture 028

Picture 003

Picture 006

Picture 007

Picture 010

Picture 012

Picture 013

Picture 015

Picture 016

Picture 022


How to do this at home

It’s really easy to make your own Doughbot. The hardest part is the vacuuming afterwards!

1. Purchase any rolls – hotdog shapes are great for bodies and limbs, while hamburger rolls work well for heads (or round bodies!).

2. We tried to let the bread go stale for as long as possible so it doesn’t break up too easily when working with it.

3. Cheap lollipop sticks from Poundland or similar work well for legs, arms, hair, teeth, eyes, tongues…. (you get the picture!)

4. Googly eyes from Poundland or similar are fantastic fun to add.

5. Coloured pens make it easy to decorate the rolls however you wish.

WARNING: You will find it difficult to stop the children from eating them! Even when they have just had lunch!

If you make your own Doughbot please share it with us!


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