A multi-seasonal poem

Holly has written a lovely poem for today’s Advent post – 23 December 2014.


In sadness or in joy

“Do you care for one

Who does not care for you?

Do you love one

Who does not love you?

In sadness or in joy”

Sings the pretty bird who cries

“Sing a song of summer in

Mid-spring’s winter joy.”

“Who loves thee? Who loves thee?”

I cry and cry again,

“For I, the pitiful bird, shall

Try and try again.

Do I love thee? Do I love thee?”

I cry in deep despair.

“For I, the pretty pitiful bird shall

Cry and cry again.

Now tis the end of mid-spring-summer-winter joy”

So I burrow my tearful winter tears

In soothing blankets warm.


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