Please Don’t Wreck This Journal!

On the 22nd day of December, I bit my tongue as Holly showed me what she had been doing to her newest acquisition, Wreck This Journal.

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This is quite a hit in the bookshops and I can see why it appeals to children. The idea is that you break every rule in the book (pardon the pun) and do things to books that you have always been told not to. For example, you can tear a page, break the spine, rub dirt on it, and even take it into the shower.

So it’s meant to be liberating, right?


Sorry, but I must be old-fashioned or too much of a traditionalist or something but the ideas of destruction in these pages make me wince. Yes, I have broken the spines on books (they’re much easier to hold that way), I’ve written in the margins, underlined passages of text and bent over the top corners of pages so I can remember where I am. And I like the idea of telling off my inner critic, and brainstorming and thinking outside the box to free up my imagination.

But why on earth would I want to smear it in dirt? Or take all my scribblings into the shower so that they bleed away? Or tie a string around it and drag it behind me? What purpose is that actually serving? I might as well grab a wad of cash and throw it in a muddy puddle, as that is what I have felt we’ve done with our money in buying the book.

I’m all for doodling everywhere and being creative but tearing things apart just to be ‘cool’? To break convention?

Holly likes it though, although she doesn’t want to take it in the shower. I’ll just have to wait and see what path of destruction is next on the list.

Have you got this book? Would you take pleasure in destroying it?



  1. I am 15 and I must say the thought of destroying a book when I got it last Christmas did seem mad . However when looking online you can see that this can be taken into interpretation , if you don’t want to take into the shower then draw a shower. The book can actually become a piece of art and creativity. If Holly is stuck for ideas or needs inspiring then I would take a look at what people have done online it really helped me when creating mine 🙂

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