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Squealing over Scarry in Blackwell’s – the new way to sell books

Day 20 of our Advent special sees me in Blackwell’s embarrassing my husband.

No – I wasn’t looking at ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Actually, we were in the children’s book department, choosing presents for family. There were tables of tempting titles but one in particular made me squeal with delight.

Literally squeal.

Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever!

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Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Richard Scarry’s work and have been ever since my parents read me bedtime stories … a long time ago! (You can see a blog post I wrote about him here, together with a picture I attempted to colour in when I was around four years old.) His stories are full of colour, fun, mischief and joy (and alliteration – how about this for a title: ‘Grouchy Mr Gronkle’?). Luckily Holly took to the stories as enthusiastically as I did and we read them together. Hopefully she will read today’s purchase with me too!

Anyway, cradling my copy of the book, I joined my husband and showed him my find. He sighed and shook his head, no doubt thinking where on earth we were going to put yet another book (all my cases are full and double-stacked as it is, but what do you expect from a school librarian and author?).

“You don’t want that do you?” he frowned.

I clutched the book even tighter to me. “It’s RICHARD SCARRY, Carl! A new RICHARD SCARRY! I MUST have it!”

At that point, a lady pushing a pram stopped in her tracks, spun around and whispered, “Did you say … RICHARD SCARRY? I LOVE Richard Scarry!”

“Over there!” I gesticulated frantically.

“Oooo!” she squealed in return. “I MUST have it!”

“Yes, you must!” I agreed.

She grinned as she pushed her pram down the aisle to the table, “Thank you SO much!”

When we walked to the till to pay, I saw the lady showing the book to her husband, who also looked rather bewildered by her excitement. But I’d found a fellow fan and it felt great to rave about a book so vociferously in a bookshop. Where else would be more appropriate?

What has made you squeal with delight in a book shop?






Childtastic Books started out as a collaborative blog, written by me and my young daughter Holly. Now she's nearly a teen, she's off doing exciting and new things but I am still here, reading, writing and reviewing books for children and young adults of all ages. I miss her input but I hope she will pop in from time to time to do some guest posts! A little about me - I have just finished an MA in Children's Literature from the University of Roehampton (result pending, eeek) and am a part-time primary school librarian. The other part of my time is spent writing and editing, my own work and others, and I am waiting for my first non-fiction book to be published - a teacher resources pack for Handa's Surprise. I welcome comments and love to hear from visitors to this blog. Please note though that, because of time constraints, it is rare that I can read and review books from self-published authors. I receive so many requests and feel badly about not being able to keep up with them all. Thanks for visiting! Sam

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