Why Children Should Read Stories

Advent Calendar Day 6

Today we have a piece from Holly on why children should read stories. She wrote the piece below to enter into her school’s public speaking competition and has got through to the school’s finals. If she succeeds in that, then she will compete against other schools in Oxford, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for success!


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Some of people in this room may think that reading stories is boring and “not cool”. But these are the people who don’t do as well.

People should read for many a reason. Some of these reasons are that reading is a good way to exercise your brain because it makes you think and you are using it. You may on the edge of your seat watching Harry Potter and biting your lip in anticipation but watching the TV isn’t as good for you and your learning as reading a book. Books are also entertainment they grasp you into an exciting tale and you don’t want to put the book down. There also enjoyable reading the characters tale and feeling the characters emotion and being moved by the sensitive part of each story.

When I read a book I feel as if I’m there watching it all happen unfolding like a map. It’s like I’m being transported to another world. When I read I look at how the character acts and behaves this reflects on me and helps make me who I am.

Stories open our creative sides and help make us who we are. Stories make you open to trying new things. When we read we learn new words which help with us with our spelling and widens our vocabulary. When we read we look at correctly structured and punctuated sentences, which helps with our grammar. Your imagination broadens and when you write you are no longer stuck for words your mind is full with fantastic ideas ready to jump onto the page. As we read we become a more informed person as we are considering new things.

If children are introduced to reading at a young age they will read for pleasure and not as a chore or something they have to do. This increases their literacy skills.

According to the National Literacy Trust 1 in 6 adults do not have the necessary literacy skills they need in life. This means they are at a bigger risk of unemployment, living of benefits, becoming criminals, they have a lower life expectancy and any jobs they will have will not be as highly paid.

Stories are important because you’re exercising your brain. More people need to be reading books instead of sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games as they are not exercising their brain and are rotting it instead. TV has become to powerful nowadays.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression learning by the book but I’m sure you’ve never heard anything like learning by the TV.

Stories and writing are the background to civilization. Without stories where would our world be? Without stories our world would be a criminalized uneducated one. Imagine a world without stories, can you?


By Holly Fratter



  1. Yes I’m 6 months behind… but this is worth reading at any time. A well-argued, well-crafted, astonishingly mature piece of writing. I don’t think I’d even heard of phrases like ‘lower life expectancy’ before I was in my twenties, let alone used them!

    I hope you did well, Holly, in your competition. Even if you didn’t, this piece is a winner.


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