Review: Supertato! by Sue Hendra

Day 3 of our literary advent calendar sees a review of Supertato! by Sue Hendra, published by Simon and Schuster.

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What it’s about:

All is quiet in the supermarket, until a veggie villain breaks loose and starts terrorizing carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers (amongst others). Will the vegetables be doomed to chaos or can Supertato save the day?

Sam’s review: I bought this title after seeing it at our school book fair and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve used it several times now as a ‘big book’ for children visiting the library during story time and, on each occasion, we’ve all been reduced to excitement and laughter at the bright and entertaining images and the fast-paced, fun text. The spreads are laid out intelligently so, where there’s a moment of tension, it is maintained till the page is turned over (something which I have struggled with in other picture books, where the cliffhanger is on the facing page to the resolution!).

The idea of a tiny pea terrorizing massive vegetables is one that tickles most children’s sense of humour, and Supertato is high up there in the league of Super Heroes (except he’s not really able to see small details that children, even sitting a foot or two away on the carpet can spot). This is the hallmark of a good picture book – the tiny details that children always seem to pick up on that adult eyes glide over. I have read this story several times this week and the children always leap up at the end, at the last spread, to share with me what they have noticed; I can’t say too much here in case I spoil the surprise!



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