My dream job

We’ve been a little quiet really over the past few months because so many changes have been happening for us – but both of us are incredibly happy!

Holly started secondary school and absolutely loves it: the different subjects, the way of teaching, the small classes. She can’t wait to get there in the morning and is living school life to the full.

My job working on a local Reading Campaign came to a close and, as is the way with freelancing, I was fretting about where the pennies would come from next. Fate smiled upon me though in the form of a vacancy as a part-time librarian in a local primary school. I applied, unsure whether I really stood a chance since I don’t have any formal qualifications in librarianship, but was delighted to get the job. So delighted, in fact, that I believe I squealed down the phone when I was told I had been successful!

So, for the last six weeks I have been organizing the library, which has moved from a tiny cloakroom area in the school, to a beautiful, light and spacious classroom. There’s plenty of natural light and there are doors leading out onto a courtyard garden, where we are going to create an outdoor reading area (for warmer, drier weather!). The school is blessed with lots of good books, though I am hoping to boost the non-fiction books in there to match the quality of the fiction. The displays are up too on the walls – on fairy tales, Pippi Longstocking, why writers love libraries and reading, and posters of the latest books for children on the market.

The response from the children so far has been amazing. They couldn’t wait to start borrowing books and they adore the new room. This is a school where reading is highly valued and children happily grab a book and sit on one of our colourful cushions, absorbed in reading.

We’ve only been open to borrowers for two weeks, but there are big plans in the pipeline for activities, both with the pupils and their families and carers. It’s truly my dream job – surrounded by books, enthusiastic readers and the freedom to create activities and opportunities linked to reading and writing. I couldn’t be happier!

Have you ever worked in a library or bookshop? Do you have any words of wisdom to share?



  1. Welcome to the club! I am another primary school librarian recruited on experience and enthusiasm rather than official qualifications. I’ve been salaried (very part time) for the last 6 years, voluntary before that. It sounds like you have some excellent accommodation, and that is a very good start. It’s much more difficult to run a library in a multi-purpose area.

    The Travelling Books Company run book fairs with a very good selection and a generous rate of commission. They are worth looking into as a way to build up your non-fiction stock. Plus, the children love them and they are good quality and great value.


    • Thanks for getting in touch! I would love to hear about your experience. We have just run a book fair today and earned 40% commission from our sales so I was able to buy some lovely books for the school. 🙂 Really excited to be doing this job. 🙂


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