Review: Dog on Stilts

Today’s review is of Dog on Stilts, by James Thorp and Angus MacKinnon

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What it’s about:

This book is about a dog who feels too ordinary and wants to be different so he builds a pair of stilts and goes around feeling great on them. But who knows what twists and turns this book is going to take?

Holly’s review:

An amusingly written book by the Superhairies (James and Angus) with a moral that says you are fine the way you are. The pictures in this book are well coordinated and based around the same colours, which I like. This book is written in rhyme and has a nice rhythm to it to keep it going at the same pace throughout the book.

I enjoyed the story because it is a well written book and I love rhymes. It’s so funny and you want to read it. It’s amazing! The books by James Thorp and Angus MacKinnon are always a pleasure to read.

In conclusion I recommend this book to younger children. Some grown-up children might think they are too grown up to read it because it is a picture book but I would. I can’t wait to be seeing more of the Superhairies’ books!

Sam’s review:

Books with morals always run the risk of preaching to their readers but this book is never in danger of doing so. The clever rhymes and marvellous pictures make this a fast-paced, amusing romp, telling children that being themselves is just fine without ever dipping into sentimentality. In fact, Dog is not totally convinced at the end either, showing how we often don’t accept a fact just because others tell us to. The illustrations are lively and done in MacKinnon’s unique style, with vibrant colours that leap from the page and draw the reader in. Holly summed it up nicely when she said we look forward to each book that this talented pair produce – they are a breath of fresh air in children’s publishing.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book to review by the publishers, Digital Leaf, but all views expressed here are our own and were not in any way influenced.



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