Why I like the Harry Potter books

Today’s post comes from Holly, who is writing about why she likes the Harry Potter books so much! Over to Holly…

In Year 4, at primary school, which was three years ago, I read the Harry Potter books. I loved them so much I thought I better write a review about them as nothing really matches up to them.

I was influenced to read the books after a friend said how good they were. I was six when we read the first one but never got round to reading the rest. When I was 9, I started reading them again from book two and couldn’t get my head out of them. By the time I had finished them I was sad and had to try and find something else but my head was so full of Harry Potter and still is.

The Harry Potter series is amazing. As you read them your imagination takes over and images fill your mind and encourages you to read more. The words wash around your mind like music. After one adventure is finished you start the next one. You begin to have a desperate longing to finish the books but when you get to the end you begin to feel sad.

When I finished the series I was disappointed because there was no more Harry Potter and I just had to find some other books. I just found that I didn’t want it to end. I think you only get that feeling with books and you can’t get that feeling with TV.

The Harry Potter books are wonderful, magical books to read and I would encourage anyone to read. They just unravel you into such a mysterious, exciting tale. I would like to thank JK Rowling for making me enjoy reading more than I ever have before. I would also like to thank JK Rowling for writing these amazing enthralling stories.

TIP for Harry Potter fans: Go to the Harry Potter Studios – they are amazing.

Do you like Harry Potter? Which is your favourite book? Or your favourite character?



  1. You sum up exactly the feeling one gets from books one really, really loves – I used to feel this way about the Narnia books. You are so right, you can’t get that feeling from TV. I too am very grateful to J K Rowling – I remember being over the moon that someone was writing like this for children because I didn’t think it would ever happen.


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