So very sorry!

Things have been rather quiet over here at Childtastic Books for the last couple of months and I am very sorry for the silence. These are just several things that have been happening:

  • Holly had her Year 6 SATs (and all was fine – no results yet but she actually enjoyed the exams!)
  • I had my MA essay to complete for the end of my second-year, based on British Children’s Literature, 1960 to the present day, with the University of Roehampton. I am glad to say I did pass this and therefore can go into my third and final year in September (dissertation year – yikes!)
  • Holly has been preparing herself for secondary school, with a transition day at her new school. This also went well and she has already made friends, which is a relief as she will not be going to the local secondary with some of her friends from primary.
  • I’ve been super-busy with my job with the National Literacy Trust, as we prepare to exit from our two-year Oxfordshire Reading Campaign project. This has involved planning for and running a series of ‘graduation ceremonies’ for pupils in schools throughout the county. I have three more to attend and my feet are already killing me! But it’s been fantastic to work with new authors and storytellers I have not met before, so I will be sure to write about this soon.

We have had some fun and sadness too over the past couple of months. Our beloved cat Socks, who lived with us for 15 years, after coming to us from a sanctuary aged 2, died suddenly from heart failure. This was very hard for all of us as he was such a big part of our family. Books did help us with this time, and Holly returned to some of her favourite childhood picture books about cats, including the Mog series by Judith Kerr …

image courtesy of


and Captain’s Purr by Madeleine Floyd.

image courtesy of

We still get our sad moments but we also have some good memories to help us. Additionally, we seem to have been adopted by a small, female cat called Lily, who has had a rather rough start to life. She’s gradually getting used to our house, though our remaining cat, Archie, is taking a long time to settle in her company!

So… I will be posting something very soon but I just wanted to say hello after such a long hiatus and promise that we will be writing again shortly!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer, wherever in the world you are (or indeed the winter, if you are in that part of the world!).




  1. My son has been going through SATS/transition etc as well. And I am relieved that I survived the 1st year of the MA too! Have you got ideas for your dissertation yet? It is poetry and visual texts for me next year!


    • Well done for passing the first year! I am hoping next year to do the creative dissertation, so it will be a piece of creative writing for a child or YA audience. I feel happier writing creatively than academically! Never got a chance to do the visual text module – hope you enjoy it!


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