Enid Blyton fun quiz!!

Hi adults and children! Here is a fun quiz just for you.

As you may know Enid Blyton is one of my favourite authors so I decided to do a quiz about her. Do you think you have complete knowledge and know everything about Enid Blyton? Then use your knowledge to get involved and try to answer some of these questions that quiz you about Enid Blyton. So give it a go you may just win a prize for the best marks out of 10!

1. what was Enid Blyton’s job in world war 2? 

a. A green grocer

b. A code breaker

c. A shop keeper

2. How many novels did she write?

a. 186 novels

b. 204 novels

c 190 novels

3. How many children did she have?

a. 1 child

b. 3 children

c. 2 children

4. When did Enid Blyton publish “Adventures of the wishing chair”? 

a. 1936

b. 1937


5. When did Enid Blyton publish “Five on a treasure island”?




6. When was she born?

a. 1896

b. 1898


7. When did she die?




8. What type of description was she famous for?

a. Description of setting

b. Description of food  

c. Description of people

9. What word was she famous for

a. Lashings

b. Dollops

c. Handfuls

10.What was her middle name?

a. Beth

b. Madeline

c. Mary

Now write your answers down on a piece of paper and email them to us by 1 June 2014. Good luck everyone!!


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