A visit to Christ Church Library

A new post by Holly

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Christ Church (the Oxford College) with my school class as part of our topic on learning about Oxford. While we were looking around we got an exclusive trip to visit the college library. Now, the special thing about this is that no visitors or tourists are allowed to see the library, not even on the Oxford Open Days. The only people who are allowed to see it are the students and the people who work there.

The library was amazing and the books were so old. We even got to see an old-fashioned printer. I also saw the old version of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, which is my guided reading book at the moment. I think the most amazing book I saw there was the one that was read by Queen Elizabeth I and she also learned from it. The library itself was the colour of salmon pink and dark wooden panelling, with a balcony along one side.

This experience at the library was so amazing that I wish I could see it again. But who knows, maybe I will one day!

The above picture shows the baroque interior of the library, and is taken from Rudolph Ackermann’s History of Oxford (1813), courtesy of Wikipedia.com


A more modern image! Courtesy of www.thestudentroom.co.uk


What’s your favourite library? Tell us all about it!


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