Holly’s Remembrance Sunday poem

image courtesy of hootingyard.org

No one will need reminding that today is Remembrance Sunday.

Each year we talk about what it all means and why we wear poppies. This year, Holly showed a sign of her growing maturity by using the last 10p she had at school to buy me a second poppy instead of a cupcake, when both were being sold on the same day. I was incredibly moved by this action and have worn my poppy with even more pride than normal.

Today we watched the Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service from London on the television. This always moves me to tears, thinking about the sacrifices so many brave men and women have made to help fight for our rights and our freedom. And it’s not just about the people who have died – it’s also about those who have been left behind to mourn them. Today there was a mother talking about her son and how her loss is forever symbolized by a set of photo albums. She had left three in the set to record the next steps his life would take, including getting married and having children. These albums will always remain empty, and the tears she cried were terrible to witness.

I hope that we continue to give this day and tomorrow the respect and gravity it deserves. The nature of war is changing but the sacrifices and bravery of all of those who try to keep us safe still remain great and humbling.

Holly felt sufficiently moved by the last few days’ events to write a poem, so I will end this post with her words.


Poppies they come in the colour of red

To represent the blood that was shed

We remember today

As the war ended this day.


We sit in silence and wait

and think of people who died like fresh bait.

They fought for us

And were loyal as be they must.


Some remember their family

Who have died, which is a tragedy.

Innocent lives that could have been spared

Went into war to fight as they dared.


image courtesy of http://flyingbuttresses.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/steve-thoms-poppy-field.jpg



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