Hallowe’en Special!

Today is Hallowe’en and Holly couldn’t be more excited! She looks forward to 31 October almost as much as Christmas because not only does it involve lots of sweets, she also gets to dress up. Tonight she will be going out as a spooky female vampire and I might be accompanying her dressed as a terrifying nun. Or maybe not – last year I frightened a four-year-old.

We’ve carved up three pumpkins and a large marrow. Normally our garden produces two massive monsters of pumpkins but this year we didn’t get any and had to resort to buying from a supermarket. We laughed in derision at the sight of ‘large’ pumpkins, which weren’t even half the size of our homegrown ones. So we bought a ‘monster’ pumpkin, which was still around a third smaller. We did grow some monster marrows though so Carl carved one up just for fun.

I have added the pictures below but they have come out on their side! I am doing this using a Mac so I will try to adjust these later when I can work out what I am doing!


Pumpkin family!
Pumpkin family!


Scary squash (well, actually it's a rather massive courgette). He's behaving and has come out the right way up!
Scary squash (well, actually it’s a rather massive courgette). He’s behaving and has come out the right way up!


Holly has produced a little crafty Hallowe’en special for any children wondering what to do today with a spare piece of paper and a black pen (and a pair of scissors). Enjoy this brief video and have a fun and spooky night!

Sam and Holly!

How do you celebrate Hallowe’en? What is the scariest story you have ever read? 




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