Punctuation..? by User design

Tonight’s review is of Punctuation..? by User design

Double-page spread from Punctuation..?, image courtesy of http://www.userdesign.co.uk/books/ 

What it’s about (from the publishers): Punctuation..? explains the functions and correct uses of 21 of the most used punctuation marks. It is humorous, fully illustrated using real-life scenarios and is for a wide age range (young to ageing) and intelligence (emerging to expert).

Holly’s review: I don’t really get excited reading books about punctuation. If I have to read something on it then I would prefer a more normal style like you get in reference books. This looks kind of like a story book because of the drawings but it’s not on the inside so it was a bit confusing for me.

Sam’s review: I think that it is difficult to try to inspire children of Holly’s age or younger (or even older!) about punctuation as it is quite a dry subject. I wondered if the illustrations in this book might make it more appealing to her but Holly prefers her reference books to look exactly like reference books and isn’t particularly concerned about pictures. I guess she’s a kind of Ronseal of reviewers – she likes it to do as it says on the tin! While this book definitely does explain some punctuation marks and their usage clearly, I can see why a child might not appreciate the different approach used in the combination of illustration and editorial purpose.

I found the book interesting to browse through, and could certainly see that the examples given could be used as a way of sparking dialogue in the classroom about punctuation rules. It would also be of interest to wordsmiths as a novelty gift. However, if you need something beefier and more comprehensive then a traditional grammar and punctuation guide might be more useful in the long term.

Please note that although we were sent a review copy of this book, our opinions are entirely are own.


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