Review: Moo! Said Morris, by Jon Lycett-Smith

Today’s review is of Moo! Said Morris, written and illustrated by Jon Lycett-Smith.

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What it’s about (from the publishers): 

Enter the colourful and original world of Morris the Mouse.

Morris isn’t like other mice. Morris is different.

Other mice are mousey. They do what mice do. Morris isn’t like that.

A maverick, an outsider and a true hero, Morris marches to the sound of his own drum. And the drum goes PEEP!


Holly’s review:

This book is about a mouse who makes funny noises like animal noises and big, banging noises. But it is sort of like a fable to me because of its ending – Morris saves the day but by making a noise and not by being a knight in shining armour.

I like this book because it is funny and it puts a smile on my face. I would definitely recommend it especially for younger children because older kids might not enjoy this book as much if they don’t read picture books so much anymore. I am not saying I don’t find these books interesting – I think I will never grow out of picture books. I liked the drawings as they were sort of like watercolour paintings. 

I also wanted to add a note to the lady who sent us the book. Thank you so much for the last two books you sent us. I loved the way you packaged them as they were really fun to open. Oh and thanks for the little presents that came with them!

Sam’s review:

While the storyline in this book is similar to many found in children’s picture books – of difference being frowned upon but the importance of remaining true to yourself – I found the execution of this tale unique and refreshing. The drawings were funny and often zany, the words simple but not simplistic. Humour was in there too, in a gentle way, and the moral came out clearly but not patronizingly. Follow your own path, despite what others try to make you believe or do. Because, as the other mice in this story soon realize, being different can make all the difference. In this way, Holly’s observation that the story is like a fable is very astute.

What is your favourite fable and why?

Please note that we received a review copy of this book from Digital Leaf but were not under any obligation to review the book and all opinions are our own.


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