We’ll be away for a little while

Hello all.

We will be away for ten days in France, starting tomorrow, so there won’t be any new posts in our absence. However, we have a lot of audiobooks to listen to and Holly’s taking several Judy Blume novels away with her so we will have loads to review when we get back!

The first place we’re stopping at is Beaugency, near Orleans, which saw a battle involving Joan of Arc. (We’re listening to Michael Morpurgo’s story about the young heroine on the journey down tomorrow):

courtesy of http://west.france-province.net/


Then we’re heading further south to a campsite near the beautiful town of Sarlat:

courtesy of http://www.getawayguru.com.au


I am intrigued to see this village as it’s used a lot in French films to represent a typically beautiful French town and apparently was the setting for the cinema adaptation of Joanne Harris’s book Chocolat . We’re also hoping to see the caves at Padirac before we head back to a favourite old haunt: Le Touquet:

courtesy of http://www.photo2ville.com


This is just a short distance from the English coast but is a lovely place to stay, with fantastic beaches to run along and quaint cafes.

So, until 8 August, a bientot!

Au revoir,

Sam and Holly x


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