Review: The Girls’ Book of Crafts and Activities

Review: The Girls’ Book of Crafts and Activities

Edited by: James Mitchem

Published by: Doring Kindersley

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What it’s about: (from the publishers) For girls who like to decorate, create, make and bake. The Girls’ Book of Crafts & Activities is full of 150 girly projects, ideas and activities. From making button bracelets, baking gingerbread, sewing a phone sock for your mobile or designing your own fashion collection, it’s got it all. Set out in clear step-by-step instructions, you can pick short 10 minute projects to those that will occupy you for a whole day! Not just a craft book, a cookery book or a sewing book – The Girls’ Book of Crafts & Activities is all of the best bits rolled into one.

Holly’s review: This is something a girl would want to read as it has great ideas and many interesting things, and you can keep coming back to it. Some activities include teamwork. I think this is a good book to turn to if you want to do something but it needs more instructions sometimes. A bad thing is you need to buy your own equipment sometimes for the origami activity which can be inconvenient.

This book has a crafty presentation to its pages and is something I think a girl would like to read. You can do things like turn furniture into brighter, better furniture. We made some smoothies from this book which was fun.

Sam’s review: This could be a very good book to have around the house, particularly for bad-weather days (which we’re certainly not short of). I liked the presentation of the book and agree with Holly that it would attract female readers, though I often wouldn’t buy gender-specific books – not that I am against girls like arts and crafts and boys liking cars and engines, it’s just that perhaps boys would like the cooking and the sewing too. It’s a shame to exclude an audience but I suppose it’s just what a lot of readers like.

Anyway, I always approach arts and crafts books with trepidation as I am artistically challenged, to say the least. Holly and I struggled with the origami activity but were relieved to discover it was because we didn’t have the right paper. We did the smoothies activity too and enjoyed that but this is where more instructions or details would have been more helpful – I was having to estimate quantities of fruit and yoghurt, which isn’t necessarily bad but I would have felt more confident with some guidelines. There’s a really lovely feature in the book on Grow Your Own Veg, which gives ideas for children to grow things in pots or other containers, such as strawberries in wellies and sunflowers in old paint tins. This is great if you don’t have a garden, or much of one, and enables children to experience the joys of home-grown produce and flowers. I also liked the herb section, which explained what different herbs were and how they could be used.

Below are some pictures we took of our smoothie-making!


Ingredients for our smoothies
Ingredients for our smoothies


Adding yoghurt to the blender
Adding yoghurt to the blender


Mixing the ingredients
Mixing the ingredients


The finished products! I think we all preferred the banana best...
The finished products! I think we all preferred the banana best…



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